How to get Free Hot Water from the Sun How to get Free Hot Water from the Sun State of the Art solar energy collectors Double vacuum sealed solar energy collectors work with minimum sunshine even under snow with Ulttraviolet rays and deliver heat to hot water systems at 120-140 degrees farenheit 169988020 The heat transfer nodule Works by circulating glycol (antifreeze) so that system is delivering heat from the sun even days when the temperature is well below the freezing point of water. 169988021 Heat is transferred to Hot Water Tank 80 - 2000 gallon hot water tanks are available for different applications including large industrial facilities 169988022 Solar Panels generate electricity We have capabilities of attaching solar panels to any roof including slate and Spanish tile 169988023 Solar collectors for heat and hot water Vacuum tube solar collectors in conjunction with pressurized water systems are the most efficient way of using the sun for home heating and hot water production 169988024 Arrays of solar collectors Solar collectors come in arrays of easily interchangeable tubes for ease of exchanging any defective units, we guarantee production and therefore the cost of exchanges is on us for the warrantied period 169988025 Schematic of pressurized heat and hot water Suns rays (including UV) collect as heat in the rooftop array, heat is transferred by glycol (antifreeze) to hot water tank and hot water at 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit is fed into system 169988026 Different components of pressurized hot water system Heat and Hot water production is controlled carefully by a complex and carefully programmed system of controls that deliver the best performance even with minimum solar exposure 169988027 List of Clients Green Mountain is currently supplying green energy solutions to these clients. 169988028 HISUN LED energy efficient lighting 169988029 The LED principle 169988030