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About Us

Renewable Energy Resources was founded as a partnership to bring the possibility of consultancy on energy products to the medium and small consumer.

The founder Alfonso Ugarte an Industrial Engineering graduate of Loughborough University with a postgraduate degree in Development Studies from Cambridge University has over thirty years experience in the field of grass roots rural electrification projects in South America, India, and South East Asia, where communities and villages separated by long distances from the local grids had to depend on local and inexpensive generators to supply their electric energy requirements.


Because of a deep conviction in self- sustainability and independence from external supplies, especially hydrocarbon fuels that damage the environment. Alfonso has been dedicated to help people of all income levels achieve energy independence.

His experience has enabled him to formulate ways for individuals and businesses to minimize their  electric costs and even achieve independence from the grid with minimal capital expenditure.

The opportunity in the US and especially in the New York Metro area arose with the deregulation of energy and the recent substantial incentives offered by the government for people who want to generate their own energy from renewable resources.

Alfonso Ugarte says: "If you decide to install solar energy we will present many options to you, solar panels manufactured by different manufacturers, different installers and ways of financing your project, in other words we will do the shopping around for you while allowing you to concentrate on what is more important to you, running your business."



Virindra Maloni is our New York based Chief Commercial Consultant, who is in charge of developing the international market, also.

He holds a BSc.(Hons) Degree from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, in Geology and Chemistry.   

He was with the Indian Railways for 18 years 1973-1990 where he managed 10,000 plus employees.

He has vast experience in project management. Currently, he is a yoga instructor and totally committed to Green Energy. 



Sharon Hamilton Getz has also joined us as Senior Partner and Public Relations Manager.

She is a graduate of Marrymont College and NYU.

Sharon has an illustrious career as a philanthropist and fund-raiser for non profit and non-governmental organizations affiliated with the United Nations.

She was the President of UNA-USA (1993-1995). President of Projects of Harmony and World Peace, (1995-2005), and currently she is President of World Harmony Council and Forum (2006-2012), and is Chair of the NGO Committee of Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns.

Harmony Glow Centered Business is networking with leaders in countries from around the world in sustainable development with expression of values and spiritual principles in the expression of consciousness and the human spirit.

Chair Spirituality, Values and Business and Sacred & Transcendental Arts Working Groups, Vice President and UN Representative, Institute of International Social Development, UN Representative IDEAL-Spring International Foundation, Chair Spiritual United Nations-NY (SUN)

Chair at Spiritual United Nations (SUN)

Greater New York City Area | International Affairs

Chair at Spiritual United Nations (SUN), Chair at UN CONGO Committee Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns-NY

Past Vice-President - New York at Institute of International Social Development (IISD), President & Founder at World Harmony Council & Forum.

 She intends to develop our implementation of the "Think globally, act locally" criteria to help us introduce immediate actions with clients committed to sustainability, Non-profit institutions and UN missions that can take advantage of the opportunity of New York's generous compensation for making buildings energy efficient.

Senior Sales Agent Jaime Herrera photographer and long time resident of North Flushing practices what he preaches and has installed a Sunpower system on his roof.  The system was installed under our solar leasing program which enables people to pay a monthly fee of 50% of their current electric bill while eliminating the bill completely or  an upfront prepayment for the full balance of the Solar Lease, which enabled him to be completely free of electricity charges for $ 7,540. He is happy that he will never pay another electricity bill ever!

We had an open house at his residence and invites everyone  interested to visit him and see how his system works and how his meter runs backwads even in winter on a  a sunny day. Call him at 917-669-1135 to make an appointment to see this!






Jolynn Silva is a junior partner  and youthful, energetic sales manager has six years of experience in marketing to the deregulated energy market in New York and has provided our company with the inspiration to go forward and change the ways that consumers consider their energy usage and expenditures.





"We are still not as advanced in renewable energy incentives as other countries so we are asking people to take positive action."

We have partnered with many providers of green energy offering the consumer a wide choice of providers of renewable energy through the grid.

We are dedicated to get the US to go green one business and one residence at a time.

The consumer empowers the system, in the same way as drug users empower the cartels, the individual decision maker of a business or a household makes the choice to use green or dirty energy.

Additionally thanks to the fact that green energy is self sustainable and does not depend on the cost of coal, oil or gas it is available at lower cost and once the equipment is paid for it is in fact free!

The wind will blow and the sun will shine and generate energy for your business and family with minimal maintenance.  

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